Sabancı Üniversitesi


Fatma Melek Arıkan Doktora A History of a Western Anatolian Region: Yenişehir and İznik during the Late Ottoman Empire, 1855-1909 Akşin Somel 2017/2018
Uygar Aydemir Doktora Mahmut Nedim Pasha’s Crtique of the Tanzimat Bureaucracy: State Modernization, Political Stripe, Great Power Intervention Akşin Somel 2017/2018
Marloes Cornelissen Doktora The World of Ambassador Jacobus Colyer: Material Culture of the 'Dutch' Nation in Istanbul during the first half of the 18th century Tülay Artan 2015/2016
Adam Bennett Mc Connel Doktora Dean Acheson and the Turkish-American Alliance, 1945-1953 Cemil Koçak 2013/2014
Zeynep Kutluata Doktora Ottoman Women and the State during World War 1 Hakan Erdem 2013/2014
Maximilian Hartmuth Doktora In Search of the Provincial Artist: Networks, Services and Ideas in Ottoman Balkans and the Question of Structural Change
Bratislav Pantelic 2010/2011
Zeynep Nevin Yelçe Doktora The Making of Sultan Süleyman: A Study of Process/es of Image Making and Reputation Management Metin Kunt 2008/2009
Aysel Danacı Yıldız Doktora Vaka-yı Selimiyye or the Selimiyye Incident: A Study of the May 1807 Rebellion Akşin Somel 2007/2008
Nazan Maksudyan Doktora Hearing the Voiceless-Seeing the Invisible: Orphans and Destitude Children as Actors of Social, Economic, and Political History in the Late Ottoman Empire Akşin Somel 2007/2008
Candan Badem Doktora The Ottomans and the Crimean War Hakan Erdem 2006/2007
Selçuk Dursun Doktora Forest and the State: History of Foresty and Forest Administration in the Ottoman Empire Akşin Somel 2006/2007
Elif Ayşenur Conker Y. Lisans The Transformation of the Ottoman Perception of the Wahhabi Movement: From Negotiation to Confrontation (1745-1818) Akşin Somel 2017/2018
Hüsamettin Şimşir Y. Lisans The Arsenite Schism and the Babai Rebellion: Two Case Studies in Center-Periphery Relations Ferenc Peter Csirkes 2017/2018
İsmail Noyan Y. Lisans Ahmet Cevdet Pasha and Change: A Three-Tiered Approach Hakan Erdem 2017/2018
Özlem Yıldız Y. Lisans The Sultan and His Commanders: Representations of Ideal Leadership in the Şehname-i Nadiri Tülay Artan 2016/2017
İsa Uğurlu Y. Lisans Gaznevi Mahmud: A Neglected Ottoman Clerk His Career, Miscellany, and His Religious and Literary Network Tülay Artan 2016/2017
Özkan Karabulut Y. Lisans The Rehabilitation of the Bektashi Order (1826-1876) Hakan Erdem 2016/2017
Nur Çetiner Y. Lisans The Cypriot Mule Corps in the First World War Cemil Koçak 2016/2017
Gülbahar Rabia Altuntaş Y. Lisans The Material Culture in the istanbul Houses through the Eyes of British Traveler Julia Pardoe (d.1862) Tülay Artan 2016/2017
Naciye Zeynep Çavuşoğlu Y. Lisans The Age of Akbar: Statecraft and Political Ambitions Tülay Artan 2015/2016
Patrick Christian Helmut Schiling Y. Lisans Between Turkish Nationalism and Western Civilization: Kemalist Historu Textbooks in the 1930s Hakan Erdem 2015/2016
Fatma Pelin Tığlay Y. Lisans Division of Inheritance and Capital Accumulation: Case of Bursa from Probate Registers, 1700-1840 Hülya Canbakal 2014/2015
Hatice Sezer Y. Lisans The Reformist Horizons of Ahmed Cevdet Paşa: The Nations of Civilization(Medeniyet), Progress(Terakki), Solidarity(Asabiyet) Akşin Somel 2014/2015
Merve Uçar Nurcan Y. Lisans The Road to Non-Action: The Ottomans Between the British Empire and Mahdiyya in the Sudan Hakan Erdem 2014/2015
Murat Kıvanç Köroğlu Y. Lisans Greek Citizens in the Otoman Lands as Artisans and Shopkeepers and the Qustion of Nationality 1830-1860 Hakan Erdem 2014/2015
Uğur Derin Y. Lisans Legitimization of the Single-Party Period of Turkey: A Critical Approach Cemil Koçak 2014/2015
Mustafa İlter Y. Lisans Socio- Economic Structure of 1844’s Bursa according to Temettuat Register Hülya Canbakal 2013/2014
Önder Eren Akgül Y. Lisans Yemen as an Ottoman Frontier and Attempt to Build a Native Army: Asakir-I Hamidiye Akşin Somel 2013/2014
Sultan Toprak Y. Lisans Where People Met: Bozahouses, Coffeehouses and Taverns in the Light of the 16th and 17th Century Court Records of Istanbul Tülay Artan 2013/2014
Abdullah Vahdi Kanatsız Y. Lisans Da’wah an-Nafs: Şehzade Korkud on Örf and Shari’a in the Ottoman Context Metin Kunt 2012/2013
Azize Fatma Çakır Y. Lisans Households in Ottoman Politics: The Rivalry Between Husrev Mehmed Pasha and Mehmed Ali Pasha of Egypt Hakan Erdem 2012/2013
Duygu Yıldırım Y. Lisans Fantasies of the end: Cosmology and Apocalypse in Dürr-I Meknun Metin Kunt 2012/2013
Özgün Deniz Yoldaşlar Y. Lisans The Realization of Mehmed IV’s Ghazi Title at the Campaign of Kamaniçe Tülay Artan 2012/2013
Tuğçe Kayaal Y. Lisans The Issue of Ottoman Centralization and Local Reactions: Political and Ideological Transformation of Mount Lebanon Between 1858 and 1900 Akşin Somel 2012/2013
Ahmet Bilaloğlu Y. Lisans Contextualizing and 18th Century Ottoman Elite: Şerif Halil Paşa of Şumnu and his Patronage Tülay Artan 2010/2011
Can Veyselgil Y. Lisans The Ottoman Empire and 'The Rest of the Worlds': Late Ottoman First Person Narratives Regarding the Ottoman Perceptions on the Non European World and the Ottoman Periphery Hakan Erdem 2010/2011
Henry Randel Shapiro Y. Lisans Diverse Views on the Legitimacy of the Ottoman Sultanate among Greek Chroniclers of the Early Modern Period Metin Kunt 2010/2011
Nazlı İpek Hüner Y. Lisans Traveling within the Empire: Perceptions of the East in the Historical Narratives of Mustafa Âli and Evliya Çelebi on Cairo Tülay Artan 2010/2011
Aslı Menevşe Y. Lisans From Empire to Republic: A Study of Changes in Advertorial Prose, 1876-1928 Hakan Erdem 2009/2010
Bojana Savic Y. Lisans The Otoman Says: 'To Hell with the Serbs' Troublesome Coexistence in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Belgrade through the Eyes of Two Contemporaries - Belgradi Raşid and Nikola Hristic as Spokesmen for Respective Sides Fikret Adanır 2009/2010
Cenk Cengiz Y. Lisans An Analysis of a Short-Lived Cinema Journal: The Young Cinema (Genc Sinema) in Turkey, 1968-1971 Cemil Koçak 2009/2010
Pınar Ceylan Y. Lisans My Tracing a 'Middle Class': An Inquiry on the Otoman City of Kayseri 17th and 18th Centuries Hülya Canbakal 2009/2010
Şeyma Afacan Y. Lisans From Traditionalism to Modernism: Mental Health in the Ottoman Empire Hakan Erdem 2009/2010
Tarek A. Abu Hussein Y. Lisans Historians and Historical Thought in an Ottoman World: Biographical Writing in 16 and 17 Century Syria/Bilad Al-Sham Metin Kunt 2009/2010
Eda Güclü Y. Lisans Transformation of Waqf Property in the Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Empire Hülya Canbakal 2008/2009
Emre Erol Y. Lisans Reproaching Hüseyin (İştirakçi) Hilmi: An Otoman Socialist in Early 20th Century Fikret Adanır 2008/2009
Hakan Karpuzcu Y. Lisans Late Ottoman Modernism / Rationalist Discourses on Islam: Superstition, sufism and Şemseddin Günaltay
Akşin Somel 2008/2009
Mehmet Kuru Y. Lisans Relations between Otoman Corsairs and the Imperial Navy in the 16th Century Hakan Erdem 2008/2009
Mehmet Can Omay Y. Lisans General Political Opinions of an Opponent Journalist During the Early Republican Period: Faik Ahmet Barutçu and Istikbal Newspaper (1923-1925) Cemil Koçak 2008/2009
Melis Taner Y. Lisans Power to Kill a Discourse of the Royal Hunt during the Reigns of Süleyman the Magnificient and Ahmet I Tülay Artan 2008/2009
Ümit Eser Y. Lisans Philethism in the Balkans: The Formation of the Bulgarian Exarchate (1830-1878) Fikret Adanır 2008/2009
Zeynep Çetrez Y. Lisans A Spanish Gaze: Vicente Blasco Ibanez's Oriente (1907) Hakan Erdem 2008/2009
Özer Murat Kunaçav Y. Lisans The Formations and Constructions of the American Identity: A Case for Classical Antiquity Hakan Erdem 2007/2008
Adam Bennett McConnel Y. Lisans The CHP, the U.S. and Ulus: The Portrayal of the United States in Ulus Gazetesi During WW2 Cemil Koçak 2007/2008
Ahmet Tunç Şen  Y. Lisans The Dream of a 17th Century Ottoman Intellectual Veysi and his Habname Hakan Erdem 2007/2008
Zozan Pehlivan Y. Lisans The Rich and the Poor: Wealth Polarization in Late 18th Century Ayntab Hülya Canbakal 2007/2008
Aleksandar Şopov Y. Lisans Falling Like an Autumen Leaf: The Historical Visions of the Battle of the Maritsa/Meriç River and the Quest for a Place Called Sırpsındığı
Hakan Erdem 2006/2007
Ayse Ezgi Dikici Y. Lisans Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Companions? Dwarfs and Mutes at the Ottoman Court in the 16th and 17th Centuries Hakan Erdem 2006/2007
İrfan Kokdaş Y. Lisans Celeps, Butchers and the Sheep: The Worlds of Meat in Istanbul in the 16th-17th Centuries Hakan Erdem 2006/2007
Konstantia A. Samara  Y. Lisans Identity Issues of the Ottoman Greeks in the Age of Nationalism as Reflected in the Educational Policies of the Greek Community of Istanbul 1895-1915 Akşin Somel 2006/2007
Hadi Hosainy Y. Lisans Sulh in 18th Century Ottoman Fatwa Compilations Hülya Canbakal 2006/2007
Emre Sunu Y. Lisans The Great War and the Visual Mobilization of the Ottoman Public Sphere: The Case of Donanma Journal  Akşin Somel 2006/2007
Uğur Peçe Y. Lisans Greek Ottomans in the 1908 Parliament Akşin Somel 2006/2007
Ceren Arkman Y. Lisans The Launching of the Turkish Thesis of History: A Close Textual Analysis Halil Berktay 2005/2006
Zeynep Kutluata Y. Lisans Gender and War During the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Periods: The Case of Black Fatmas Hakan Erdem 2005/2006
Bekir Harun Küçük Y. Lisans Contexts and Construction of Ottoman Science with Special References to Astronomy  Hakan Erdem & Halil Berktay 2004/2005
Burcu Gürgan Y. Lisans Images of Sexuality in the 16th Century Ottoman Society: Mehmed Gazali's Dafi'ü'l Gumüm Hakan Erdem 2004/2005
Güldeniz Kıbrıs Y.Lisans Creating Turkishness: An Examination of Turkish Nationalism Through Gök-Börü Halil Berktay 2004/2005
Emine Ekin Tuşalp Y. Lisans Treating Outlaws and Registering Miscreants in Early Modern Ottoman Society: A Study on the Legal Diagnosis of Deviance in Şeyhülislam Fatwas Tülay Artan 2004/2005
Semi Ertan Y. Lisans An Armenain at the Turkish Parliament in the Early Republican Period: Berç Türker Keresteciyan 1870-1949 Cemil Koçak 2004/2005
Sinem Arcak Y. Lisans Üsküdar as the Site for Mosque Complexes of Royal Woman in the 16th Century Metin Kunt 2004/2005
Vefa Erginbaş Y. Lisans Forerunner of the Ottoman Enlightment: İbrahim Müteferrika and his Intellectual Landscape Hakan Erdem 2004/2005
Doğan Gürpınar Y. Lisans The Seljuks of Rum in Turkish Republican Nationalist Historiography Halil Berktay 2003/2004
Esat Arslan Y. Lisans Social and Ethical Thought of Bediüzzaman Said-i Kürdi Akşin Somel 2003/2004
Hüsnü Ada Y. Lisans The First Ottoman Civil Society Organization in the Service of Ottoman State: The Case of the Ottoman Red Crescent Akşin Somel 2003/2004
İzzet Ahmet Bozbey Y. Lisans From the Glory of the World to Muhammad: Writing Islamic History in the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Eras Akşin Somel 2003/2004
Sevgi Adak Y. Lisans Formation of Authoritarian Secularism in Turkey: Ramadans in the Early Republican Era 1923-1938 Cemil Koçak 2003/2004
Dilek Akyalçın Y. Lisans The Jewish Communities in the Making of Istanbul Intra Muros 1453-1520 Stefanos Yerasimos 2002/2003
Saygın Salgırlı Y. Lisans Manners and Identity in Late 17th Century Istanbul Ahmet Ersoy 2002/2003
Zeynep Nevin Yelçe Y. Lisans Ideal Kingship in the Late Medieval World: The Ottoman Case Metin Kunt 2002/2003
İbrahim Kaya Şahin Y. Lisans Aşıkpaşa-zade as Historian: A Study on the Tevarih-i Al-i Osman Metin Kunt 2001/2002
Selçuk Dursun Y. Lisans Population Policies of the Ottoman State in the Tanzimat Era 1840-1870 Huri Islamoglu-Inan 2001/2002