PhD Program

Students have to (a) take and pass a set of Qualifying Exams comprising both their research languages and their chosen subjects; (b) within the framework of the said PhD Thesis course, to propose, research and write a PhD thesis that satisfies universally accepted criteria for original work.

PhD students must write and present a research paper in a faculty seminar with the participation of thesis committee, faculty members and students before their thesis defense in order to meet the graduation requirement besides fulfilling other program requirements.

Program Requirements may vary according to the year of first enrollment. Please click to see the program requirements for new students.

Continuing students may track their program requirements on Student Resources web site based on the relevant level (undergraduate/graduate), year of first enrollment and program.

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April 20, 2018 is the deadline for the graduate applications.

For further information about History PhD Program, please contact Program Coordinator Ayşe Ozil  (