Sabancı Üniversitesi


Visiting Historians

Stefanos Yerasimos (multiple visits until 2005)

The making of İstanbul; monumental and vernacular architectures of the capital and the provinces; travelers through the Ottoman lands; nations and boundaries from the Middle East to the Caucasus.

Fikret Adanir (multiple visits until 2007)
Central-Southeast European and Ottoman peasantries; modernization, competitive nationalisms, and demographic change; comparative perspectives on the heyday and decline of Empires.

Elisabeth Zachariadou (Fall 2000-2001)
The Ottoman expansion in, and impact on, the Balkans; the religious life in the Ottoman Empire; the patriarchate and the monasteries.

Diana Miškova (Fall 2001-2002)
Comparative perspectives on modernization, nation-building, and state formation ; the evolution of 19th century and 20th century social and political thought in Southeast Europe.

Jitka Malečkova (Fall 2003-2004)
Nation-building in Central and Eastern Europe; Muslim and non-Muslim women in the Ottoman Empire; radical Islamic groups and terrorism.

Tijana Krstić (Spring 2003-2004)
Social, cultural and religious history of the early modern Ottoman and wider Mediterranean world;  relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, cultural encounter and mediation between Christendom and Islamdom. 

Rossitsa Gradeva (Spring 2004-2005)
The pre-modern history of the Balkan lands (before and during the Ottoman centuries); key institutions and processes of the Ottoman social and economic history as experienced in the Balkans.

Janos Mihaly Bak (Fall 2005-2006)
Medieval history; history of ideas and institutions; nobility in Medieval Central Europe; Latin paleography and diplomatics.

Maria Vaiou (Fall 2005-2006)
Diplomacy in the early Islamic world; Byzantine-Abbasid relations; political and cultural exchanges between Medieval Islamic and Christian worlds.

Sonja Brentjes (Spring 2008-2009)
Islamic sciences and mathematics in Pre-Modern and Early Modern times; exchange of geographical and mathematical knowledge between Western Europe and the Middle East.

Jan Hennings (2014-2015)

Russian History: From the Beginings to the mid-19th century; The Formations and Constructions of Europe