Hülya Canbakal

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Faculty Member (Network)
B.A. in History, Bosphorous University, 1986; M.A. and Ph.D in History, Harvard University (USA), 1997, 1999, respectively.
Areas of Interest
Ottoman economic history; urban history; legal culture; political culture; early modern history
Middle East Studies Association of North America, Tarih Vakfı, Economic History Association, Economic History Society
  • Article
    Canbakal, Hülya (2011) "Vows as contract in Ottoman public life (17th-18th centuries)", Islamic Law and Society, Vol.18, No.1, 85-115 (OTHER)
    Hülya, Canbakal (2009) "The Ottoman state and descendants of the prophet in Anatolia and the Balkans (c. 1500-1700)", Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Vol.52, No.3, 542-578 (SSCI)
    Canbakal, Hülya (2005) "An exercise in denominational geography in search of Ottoman Alevis ", Turkish Studies, Vol.6, No.2, 253-271 (NA)
    Canbakal, Hülya (2004) "Some questions on the legal identity of neighborhoods in the Ottoman Empire", Anatolia Moderna (Yeni Anadolu), Vol.X, 131-138 (NA)
  • Book
    Canbakal, Hülya, 17. yüzyılda Ayntab: Osmanlı kentinde toplum ve siyaset, İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları, January 2009
    Canbakal, Hülya, Society and Politics in an Ottoman Town: Ayntab in the 17th century, Leiden: Brill , November 2006
  • Book Section / Chapter
    Canbakal, Hülya, "Birkaç fetva bir soru, bir hukuk haritasına doğru", Şinasi Tekin'in anısına: Uygurlardan Osmanlıya, Kut, Günay and Büyükkarcı Yılmaz, Fatma (eds.), İstanbul: Simurg, March 2005, 258-270
    Canbakal, Hülya, "Residential Topography and Social Hierarchy in 17th-Century Àyntab", Essays in Abdullah Kuran, Kafescioğlu, and Thys-Şenocak, Lucienne (eds.), İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Yayınları, January 1999
  • Papers in Conference Proceedings
    Canbakal, Hülya and Filiztekin, Alpay, "Wealth and inequality in Ottoman lands in the early modern period", Fourth Asian Historical Economics Conference, Istanbul, Turkey: Bogazici University, September 2014
    Canbakal, Hülya, "The age of revolutions in the Ottoman Empire: a provincial perspective", Conference on Well-Connected Domains: Intersections of Asia and Europe in the Ottoman Empire, Heidelberg, Germany: Heidelberg University 2011
    Canbakal, Hülya, "Consumption in Ottoman Manastir (Bitola) and Manisa: a long term perspective", Workshop on Ottoman Consumption in a Comparative Perspective, AHRC International Network, Global Commodities, Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul Bilgi University 2011
    Canbakal, Hülya, "On the nobility of urban notables", Anastasopoulos, Antonis (ed.), Halcyon Days in Crete 5, Rethymno, Greece: Crete University Press, January 2005, 39-50
  • Volumes Edited / Special Issues
    Canbakal, Hülya, Preliminary observations on political unrest in eighteenth-century Ayntab: popular protest and faction, Rethymno, Crete: Crete University Press, November 2012