International Students



International students, having been admitted to the History Graduate Program for MA or PhD degrees, are legally required to apply for a Turkish student visa at the Turkish consulate or the Turkish embassy closest to location of their residence. This application has to be made in person. Since the issuing of a Turkish student visa often takes two months, prospective international students are strongly encouraged to apply for a student visa latest in late June prior to the coming Fall semester.

It is only through a student visa that students will acquire residence permit, which in turn allows students to open a bank account, receive a university ID-card and acquire a university e-mail address. Without a bank account students will not be able to receive scholarship payments.

It should be underlined that it is impossible to apply for a student visa in Turkey. A tourist entry without a visa is not recommended, since it would not solve the issue of residence permit.

For any problem concerning student visa or other issues, international students can apply to the coordinator of the History Program, to the administrative specialists of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, or to the Student Resources of Sabancı University.